I LOVE my Cotton Candy Hair!

Written for children ages 3-8, I LOVE my Cotton Candy Hair! is a little girl’s love letter to the crazy mess of curls and tangles that live on her head.


In 2008 my 3 year old came home from her neighbor's house, crying and begging us for straight & yellow hair. My husband and I were stunned. How was it that my perfect little girl had already found something in herself that she felt wasn't good enough; something that needed to be "fixed"? This incident predated the natural hair movement and the beautiful shift that has happened, and continues to happen, to depict black women and girls in their full, perfect glory. As such, I struggled to find stories that instilled those values of self love and confidence while portraying characters that looked like my daughter. We weren't even searching for books about hair... back then, there were none. We were merely looking for age appropriate stories which spoke to absolute self love. After about a year of searching, I took matters into my own hands and created this labor of love. 


Written in 2008 as an answer to my daughter Charlie's heartbreaking, teary-eyed plea for “straight and yellow” hair, and born out of the delight she received by comparing her hair to something as universally loved as cotton candy, this 32 page picture book rhymes its way into your heart and reminds all children that they are perfect just the way they are.

When children see themselves reflected in stories their hearts swell with pride!

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 I LOVE my Cotton Candy Hair!  

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