I LOVE my Cotton Candy Hair!

   My daughter absolutely LOVES this book. We read it everyday, and at least twice each time. She has taken it to school for show and tell and has talked so much about her cotton candy hair that her new nickname at school is cotton candy! Now when she wants her hair in the straight styles like some of her classmates she asks if her hair will go back to "cotton candy" when I wash it. I tell her as long as we don't put in a relaxer. She loves the versatility of it. She says she has magic hair because she can get almost all the different types of hair shown in the book (curly, puffy, beads, straight, wavy). When she whines about getting her hair detangled I remind her about the line "sometimes hard to comb" and she calms down. LOL! Whatever works! Thank you for writing this book. It has reinforced to my princess that her hair is beautiful!
Chicago, IL

   I want to simply say "Thank You" to author Nicole Updegraff for introducing my family to the narrator, Charlie. Both my daughters and I are singing the praises for "I LOVE My Cotton Candy Hair!." It is rare to find a story that not only captures the spirit of Black girls, but captures it in such a fashion that the readers believe they are the characters in the story. For the first time, my daughters are seeing a character in a picture book that not only share their complexion but also their curly hair. Happiness is sharing a wonderful story with my children; joy is having my children share a story they adore with me. "I LOVE My Cotton Candy Hair!," has given our family great joy!

Hagerstown, MD

   My husband purchased this book for our infant daughter. THANK YOU, Nicole, for realizing your dream by writing this wonderful book! The text is rhythmic and fun to read, and the illustrations, portraying a variety of hairstyles and ethnicities and a great message on appreciating ourselves, are a joy! Our baby actually sits through an entire reading of the book now, and I'm thrilled to be able to share such a positive message with her as she grows. Keep 'em coming!
Los Angeles, CA

   This book is such a blessing. It is beautifully illustrated and entertaining, but most importantly it has a great message. My bi-racial daughters have really been enjoying it, they love seeing Charlie and even the pics of the real life girls at the book's end, because they all look like them!I am looking forward to the future books in this series.

   I Love my Cotton Candy Hair! is such a refreshing read. I think I was more excited to read the book myself than I was to actually read it to my girls who are 4 and 5 years old. They too also love the book, and it is a"must read" every night since we got it. It reinforces the lessons we as parents try to instill in our children daily. Love and accept yourself for who you are, and the rest will follow. Thanks Nicole for your insight!

Okinawa, Japan

   I purchased this book for my 4-year old granddaughter. She loves the book and now talks about her cotton-candy hair and is pleased with her hair. We live in a predominantly white city; therefore many of the girls she sees don't have hair like hers. This book seems to have made her appreciate her own hair, more. My granddaughter loves looking at the fun and colorful illustrations and the photographs of the author's children. We're looking forward to more of Charlie's stories.
Tucson, AZ

   This book is beautifully written an illustrated. Though told from the perspective a young African American girl, it highlights the beauty of all hair types of all ethnicities. In a society and time where young girls are endlessly bombarded by narrow standards of beauty in the media, this book is a breath of fresh air!
Boston, MA

   This book is great for teaching young children about loving themselves exactly as they are. I am an African American female with a 3 year old daughter. From day 1, I've been instilling a positive self-image in her. This book helps drive home that message. Thanks Nicole!
East Orange, NJ

   I think every cotton candy hair little girl should read this book. Its very uplifting.
Miami, FL

   This is a great purchase as a gift or for your own child. Many young African American girls become insecure about their hair because it is not like the other girls....we all tend to want what we don't have. Teaching are young girls that loving yourself just as God uniquely designed you is a lesson that needs to be taught more often...everyday. Insecure children become insecure adults (women). Thank you to the author for inspiring our young girls to love themselves just as they are.
Las Vegas, NV

   I bought this book 4 my daughter who has thick poofy hair. She loves the book and the images of the young girls in the book. The illustrations are beyond excellent and captures different shades of beautiful young girls. I would recommend this book to any and everyone. I am currently buying it for all the little girls on my Christmas list.
Long beach, CA

   Perfect for little girls with 'cotton candy' hair! My daughters hair is beautiful!!!! But she goes to school with a lot of kids with straight hair and she sees dolls with straight hair...she is bombarded with straight hair!!! When we started reading this book she said "Mommy! She looks like me!!!!!!" And the book includes children with all hair types and celebrates the differences... But now my baby girl loves her 'cotton candy' hair and mine too for that matter!!!! I've purchased many 'I love my hair' books and this one is by far my favorite!!!!! Perfect for an adorable little girl with 'cotton candy' hair!!!!!

North Hollywood, CA

   I am the mother of a 3 year old African American girl. A few months back I was mortified to realize that my beautiful baby girl had already developed issues with who she was in particular her hair, she kept telling me it was ugly and that she wanted long straight hair like _________ (insert character name). Once the reality of this hit me I immediately began searching for any and everything I could to help bolster her self-confidence. That's when I came across this book and WOW what a difference it has made. My baby girl now looks at her afro puffs and smiles. Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for I Love My Cotton Candy Hair and similar books. I just wish they were sold in local bookstores and major chains such as Barnes and Noble. BUT since they are not I will continue to make my book purchases on Amazon.com. Once Again THANK-YOU!!!

New York, NY

   This book celebrates the difference in children. Not only is this great for Black or biracial children, it's great for children who are friends with Black or biracial children because it offers insight on why their hair is different. My baby doesn't have the silky straight hair that I see all around so this book will be a great way for her to celebrate her cotton candy hair when she is old enough to realize the difference. LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!!!!

The author AND Charlie (the little girl for whom the story was written) signed my copy and they are both lovely people :-)

THANK YOU, NICOLE, FOR WRITING THIS BOOK and your illustrations are amazing!!!

   This book is such a blessing. It is beautifully illustrated and entertaining, but most importantly it has a great message. My bi-racial daughters have really been enjoying it, they love seeing charlie and even the pics of the real life girls at the book's end, because they all look like them!I am looking forward to the future books in this series :-)

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